Mobile Stations have unique information about subscribers and the services offered to them that are currently not leveraged to its full potential. Moreover, a significant difference exists between service provider's assumption of delivered customer experience and the "real" experience as perceived by their customers. Often the perceived experience of the subscriber is hard to measure or differs from the operator's own analysis.

Subscriber experience depends on many factors like geography, signal strength, device, service provider and network congestion. However, it has been difficult to understand the influence of each of these factors. Detailed end-user intelligence enables a Service Provider to optimize the portfolio, bridge the experience gap, increase subscriber loyalty and generate new revenue streams.

Mobile Service Intelligence services offers real-time, real-life mobile service data collection and analysis to enable the Service Providers to create an overall, yet detailed, view on the subscriber experience.

We deliver mobile service intelligence directly from the mobile device by turning every mobile station into a drive-test tool and as a subscriber experience point. At the same time we ensure simultaneous zero-delay logging of data from hundreds of virtual phones and performs Instant post-processing, Mapping and Analytics to deliver a real-time snapshot of the service performance

In addition to the service performance analysis, our Mobile Service Intelligence offers unique flexibility, scalability and analysis capabilities that can be extended to Device Performance, Marketing & Sales and Customer Care.