LeadTradeX is a generic lead exchange and management platform that enables users to acquire, buy, sell and manage their leads. LeadTradeX is an innovative self-serve lead acquisition and exchange platform, connecting lead buyers; who receive exclusive leads in real-time and lead sellers; who post their leads to sell in real-time.

LeadTradeX enables Lead Buyers to purchase leads in real-time, with full control over pricing, daily volume, consumers' interests and profile of their leads. Likewise, the Lead Sellers can route their leads to be bought by Lead Buyers connected to the platform.

LeadTradeX can also drive leads to a call centre or generate sales on websites or landing pages and has the right features to manage and exchange leads across various players.

  • Lead insert and grouping
  • Lead acquisition API
  • Campaign Configuration for Lead Buyer and Lead Seller
  • Lead Buying and selling capability within the same account
  • Lead pricing negotiation
  • Form builder for custom lead acquisition forms
  • Underwriting Configuration
  • Email Campaign
  • Landing page creation and management
  • Predefined templates for Forms, Email and Landing Pages
  • Real-time lead interface
  • User Profile Management
  • Dashboard and Analytics
  • Admin portal with access to overall functioning of the application