Mobile adoption is widespread today. In an increasingly mobile world, success depends on your company's ability to make business critical data available anywhere, any-time and always. Statlight delivers end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions that enable you to drive efficiency, competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

Statlight Enterprise Mobility Services helps you extend productivity beyond the confines of an office through real-time data sharing and versatility that empower your workforce and transform your enterprise.

You can mobilize your business through our enterprise mobility solutions spanning across machine-to-machine, messaging, remote access, remote data capture, GIS and Mobile applications.

Our in-depth knowledge across multiple industries, business processes and technology allows us to deliver high quality and scalable mobility solutions. We define, architect, build and deliver user friendly mobility solutions. Our solutions are device and technology agnostic, which enable mobile users to efficiently create, share and consume relevant information on the move.

Mobile Application Development

Statlight offers a portfolio of mobility services to help enterprises build, customize and deploy mobility solutions. Designed for consumers and business users, the solutions are user friendly and easy to manage. Our solutions are custom developed as well as built on commercial software products. Our pre-built service delivery accelerators and frameworks help reduce the cost, time and risks in readying business solutions.

Mobile Enablement Services


Statlight helps enterprises define their mobility roadmap. We identify key success factors, enablers for higher adoption among stakeholders, budgeting, technology dependencies and progressive milestones

Technology readiness:

We help enterprises choose the right technology platforms, architecture and components required for a reliable, scalable and sustainable growth of mobility initiatives

Mobile Development

User Experience:

We enable enterprises with the necessary guidelines and standards, for rich and easy to use mobile application user interface design

Design and development services:

We work with enterprises to plan, design, develop, deliver and maintain mobile applications

Infrastructure and management services:

We help enterprises plan, design, deploy and maintain the physical infrastructure required for the mobile solutions. This includes hosting services, remote nfrastructure monitoring, data monitoring, ongoing security compliance, user access management, backups, archives and reporting services

Integration services:

We help enterprises maintain and integrate mobile solutions, with pre-existing enterprise applications

Analytics and reporting services:

Services are provided to collect, consolidate and analyze the data through the mobile channel

Mobility Support Services

Mobile testing services:

Our robust frameworks and test strategies help in thorough testing of the mobile solution

Maintenance Services:

We help enterprises adopt the right practices and processes for mobile application deployment and maintenance

Migration services:

Our services enable migration of existing mobile applications to new platforms. This is done through ownership of migration process, including automation tools, verification methods, data integrity check and user interface guidelines

Mobile Web

PhoneGap Application Development

We have expertise in developing cross platform mobile applications using standards based web technologies like HTML5, Javascript & CSS

Sencha Touch Platform

We can create smooth and applications quickly that run on iOS and Android, using Sencha Ext JS and Sencha Touch: the industry's leading JavaScript frameworks

Titanium cross platform mobile app SDK

We have expertise in developing smartphone & tablet applications using Titaniums Mobile SDK. We can create native applications for iOS, Android and HTML5 platforms

Browser based Mobile Web Application Development

We have expertise in developing WAP/XHtml based browser apps, HTML5 based rich mobile web apps using latesst HTML5, JavaScript, CSS platforms